Meetings with Morrissey


Author: Len Brown
Publisher: Omnibus Press
ISBN: 9781847723765


Introduction  1

Preface: “For This Is The Cadogan Hotel”   7

Part One: The Smiths
1. The Past Is Another Country   23
2. The World Changes    32
3. Used To Be A Sweet Boy    49
4. The New Morrissey Express     69
5. Sex And The Single Male   88
6. I Know It’s Over  105

Part Two: Morrissey
7. Nineteen Eighty Hate  127
8. Madchester, So Much To Answer For  154
9. Napoleon Solo - The Political Animal  170
10. Into Exile   190
11. Return Of The Mozzfather   212
12. Wilde Man In His Head   230

Morrissey’s People (Icons & Influences)    247
Sing Your Life - The Essential Collection   294
Further Reading  303
Acknowledgements    305
Index   307

“He’s the best lyricist I’ve ever read…he’s fucking revered man.  His records will be listened to until George Bush blows the planet up”
(Noel Gallagher)

“I think The Smiths totally spoke for now.  The most realistic voices, musically and lyrically of the Eighties.  And it’s not just self-bleatings, I think that’s really really true.  I’ve never heard a group like The Smiths” (Morrissey)

“Whether he’s gay or not, he is the gay Elvis.  He is among the greatest entertainers of our time.  The banter, the dancing, the stage-craft, it all conspires and you know exactly what Morrissey is.  He is heroic.  He is a total package, like Dean Martin or Prince” (Rufus Wainwright)

"I think I'm considered to be a British well as a sex symbol."  (Morrissey)

“He’s an original of the species…I don’t get the miserable thing at all.  I find him very funny” (Bono)

“His work will last, and I have a very strong sense he knows that as well” (J.K.Rowling)

“Whether you like me or not, I remain an individual... individually nauseating or individually interesting. The key word in my vocabulary is individualism.” (Morrissey)

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The Singer Of Pain, Morrissey 1997 (photo copyright Len Brown)